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Chuck Norris' film career goes all the way back to 1968.  For movie lovers, there have been some memorable movies, some unforgettable flicks, and a lot of entertainment since then.  If you're a Chuck Norris fan (we are), you'll want to make sure you've seen all the movies listed below:

  The Wrecking Crew.  1968.  This was one of those Matt Helm / Dean Martin movies.  Like many films from the 1960's, it's a bit campy for modern tastes; but it's a fun movie, nevertheless.  Chuck Norris had one line, along with a fight scene, and he's recorded that he spent two weeks rehearsing that one line by himself.  Did he get it right?  Watch the movie, and see for yourself.  Also stars the beautiful, tragic Sharon Tate.  This was the last of the four Matt Helm movies.
Return of the Dragon. 1973.  One of the great martial arts films, starring Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris as adversaries.
Good Guys Wear Black.  Stars Chuck Norris as John T. Booker, a Vietnam Vet whose war actions have landed him at the top of the CIA's hit list.  This movie was important to martial arts films, because is demonstrated, following Bruce Lee's untimely death, that there was still a market for martial arts films.  Watch for the flying side-kick to the windshield.
A Force of One.  1978.  Also stars Jennifer O'Neill.  Because they were made close together in time, some folks think A Force of One and Good Guys Wear Black are Chuck Norris' two "breakthrough" films.  Excellent fighting sequences.
  The Octagon.  1979.  Okay, okay - we've seen more exciting titles for an action film.  The fight scenes are great.  The plot is difficult to follow.  Lee Van Cleef also has a part in this movie.
  An Eye for an Eye.  1981.  After this film came Silent Rage and Forced Vengeance.
  Lone Wolf McQuade.  Talk about career foreshadowing - Chuck Norris is a Texas Ranger in this film beloved by his fans.  There's a great fight scene between Norris and David Carradine. 
  Missing In Action.  1984.  There were actually three Missing in Action films.  But the second one is a prequel, so we can't really suggest what order you should watch them in. 
  Code of Silence.  1985.  Less martial arts in this Cops film, but excellent acting.  Critics suddenly realized that Chuck Norris was the 1980's equivalent of John Wayne - something Norris' fans had already figured out by then.  Then came Invasion USA and Delta Force.
  Firewalker.  1986.  One of our favorite Chuck Norris films, an adventure film that compares well to King Solomon's Mines and Romancing the Stone.  Lou Gossett, Jr. plays Norris' buddy.  Melody Anderson plays the damsel in distress.  It's hokey at times, silly at times, but it's a fun movie.
  The Hitman.  1991.  Don't confuse this with Jet Li's 1998 Hitman.  This is a great Chuck Norris film in its own right, with probably the darkest character Norris has ever portrayed; and he's very convincing.  Sadly, we've not been able to find this film on DVD.


There were movies after The Hitman, of course - like Sidekicks - but the ones above are truly Chuck Norris films in the classic sense of the term.  None of them ever won an Academy Award, but all of them pretty much succeeded at doing what movies are supposed to do: entertain.

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